The bargaining power and support you need to grow.


As a small-scale farmer, you face many challenges but competing with established farming businesses for markets is one of the biggest.

Furthermore, access to information, management skills, financial and operational advice all delay operational growth.

But where one voice gets drowned out, the voice of many can overcome. As a group, your collective bargaining power can put you on par with established farming businesses and give you the platform to access the information and support you need to succeed.


Mentorship can mean the difference between failure and success as an emerging farmer. The Real Farmers Devel- opment Trust was founded by farmers for farmers with the purpose of developing the necessary skills to thrive.

By becoming a member of Real Farmer’s Trust, you get access to mentorship programmes, training, funding op- portunities, and discounts on various agricultural prod- ucts & machinery which will allow you to improve your productivity and farm more profitably.

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